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A Fresh New Start
Monday, 8 June 2015 12:39 0 Comment(s)

Assalammualaikum .

Hello everyone . This blog is literally rusty . well .. i've stop posting for about 2 years and my last posted was from 2013 and now its 2015 people . like literally i just realized how old i am now . haha . i think this blog need a fresh new start .

and by that , Hello .. my name is Anis Suhailah Binti Azahari . im 16 years old . childish personalities but mature minded and im a god servant . Nice to meet you...stranger  and i hope we can be friends on this dunya also the hereafter . amin ..

I really hope that i will constantly posting some of my thoughts or experience since i am a student and also a human being that trying to change myself from being an islam to a true muslim . Insya-allah .

-Hamba Allah-

The Last Day Of School ~ Lonely me :'(
Monday, 18 November 2013 22:22 0 Comment(s)

Assalammualaikum , Hi , Hello , Bonjour , Annyeong ~ 

Baby be the class clown~
I'll be the beauty queen in tears~
It's a new art form showing people how little we care (Yeah)~
We're so happy, even when we're smilin' out of fear~
Let's go down to the tennis court, and talk it up like yeah (Yeah)~

Pretty soon I'll be getting on my first plane~
I'll see the veins of my city like they do in space~
But my head's filling up with the wicked games, up in flames~
How can I fuck with the fun again, when I'm known~
And my boys trip me up with their heads again, loving them~
Everything's cool when we're all in line, for the throne~
But I know it's not forever (Yeah)~

Hi !! Today i want to dedicate this song to everyone ~ the title of this song is Tennis Court by Lorde .. the meanings of this song is really meaningful ~ so you guys should listen to it ~the music video are so creepy because she wears something black and the background are black and she is so white and it became creepy .. plus she staring at the camera and it turn out creepy ! 0.0 by the way here is the link  Tennis Court ..

so back to the main Title ~ The Last Day Of school ~ yeayyy ! its already the last day ~~~ WOOOOW ! to be honest ... i love holiday ! i love the fact that i dont have to do the homework .. me and my parents will go to beach or something .. i can stay home and reading my favourite book ever ! i can listening to music and so on .. but i cant lie to myself telling you guys that i dont miss my friends ~ yeahh totally miss them ~ i felt really bored lately ~ and lonely .. cuz when they around me at school and making jokes and telling me that im not alone it make me feel like im still alive in this world .. without them i feel alone .. although i have a big family .. i have 5 sister .. 2 brothers and a pair of parents , i still feel like im in a cave .. and no social . i mean .. no talking , no joking .. i know that i sound like a crap ~ but that what i feel about ~ yeah i know im too EMOTIONAL ! but what can i say ,, i am ~ these day , i often watch draw my life at youtube ~ and it kinda give me some motivation .. like i have to move on .. or just be happy while we're young cuz when we old , we will be tired and no more me being a bitch ~ hahaahah ! me .. bitch .. ~

so ~ theres another thing that i want to share to you guys !! on the last day of school , there many of my friends crying .. i dont know why they are crying .. its not like they are going to change school next year or something like that ~ but its not even sad ~ on that day , im just being a cool person ! cool la sangat ~ and they were crying in front of me ~ and im just make a LOL face ! and laughing like crazy ! hahahaha ! totally funny watching people crying for no reason ~ okey im maybe going to get many antis ! hahahaha ! i dont care bitch !

hahahaah ! joking joking ~ dont attack me with a knife tonight ~ please im begging you ! hahaha ! 

hahahaaha ! just for you info : all of this gifs is not mine ! i take it from tumblr ! yeahh tumblr ~

okey bye ! maybe i will update something new next week ! cuz im going somewhere next week ! so bye  ! annyeong ! Assalammualaikum ! I LOVE YOU ~ 

Jung Hunnie 

KOKO And Usahawan Day ! *wink wink*
Monday, 26 August 2013 04:03 0 Comment(s)

Assalammualaikum , Hello , Hi , Bonjour , Annyeong ! 

Look Its me ! Annyeong !

Hei whats up you guys ! Yesterday ... skola aku ade buat hari koko / hari usahawan ... oke and ade manusia yg kenal aku tak pegi kedai aku ... KNPE TAK DTG KEDAI AKU HA ? haha ! main main je .. so kedai kiteorng nombor 20 and dalam kedai tu semua manusia pakai baju warna blue and semua comel comel mcm minion ! hehe !Nama kedai kiteorng Minion's Stall !  kiteorg jual ROJAK ! umm yum yum .. and bihun sup ! sedap kot ! rugi tak rasa.. haha ! so nak story la sikit kan pasai ape yg berlaku semalam .. 
semalam ... jengjengjeng *tetiba* ... aku masuk horror plus comedy cinema .. aku and suraiya takot sgt bile nak masuk and kiteorng kluar balik .. kakak yg buat cinema tu teman kiteorg kat dlm cinema tu and suruh hantu jgn kacau kiteorg .. hahaa ! aku memalukan kawan kawan aku ! hehe ! 

kawan- kawan aku dlm horror plus comedy cinema ...semuanye berani berani ... tgok la kawan sapa ! haha !

after habis horror plus comedy cinema , geng atira semua nak pegi haunted cinema .. aku and suraiya mmng tak beli ticket haunted cinema and tanak pon masuk ! seram siaa! haha ! lagi pon waktu diorang nak pegi tgok tu , aku and suraiya kene duty kat gerai kiteorng gerai .. and waktu tu aku kene jadi promoter .. menjerit jerit ckp ' rojaaakk ~~ bihun sup ~~~ ' haha ! malu kot tapi kene buat ! haha ! 

meja agak bersepah .. tgok kertas tu tulis ape RPS MINIONS STALL ~ 

waktu ni geng atira tgh tunggu nak masuk haunted cinema .. habis je kluar dari haunted house , diorang citer yg dlm tu ade hantu la and agak seram la and bgi aku kalau nme je haunted mmng seram .. hehe ! 

Sabirah tgh nak ambik air ! haha ! sempat lagi tangkap gamba ~

Jaae tgh main phone sinah ! wooo ~

ni sorang lagi main phone sinah ! hishhh !

 Yazreen ! hurmmm aku tarak idea ape yg die tgh buat ~

gamba senget ! jadi sengetkan kepala anda ~ hehe ~

After that , giliran sinah and geng atira punye duty .. hekhek ! 

sinah !! tgh buat kerje die ! haha ! 


Una ! comel kan si dia ~ haha ! mmng comel pon ! 

Me and Una ! tgh melepak sbb matahari tgh active ! haha !

Aku tgh ckp ckp dgn razida and tgh main main dgn ais ! hehe ~

Waktu kiteorng takde kerje ! hekhekhek ! 

Tangan sinah ! Sinah jelly aku tangkap gamba dgn una !

Perhatikan gamba ini betoi betoi ~ ape yg anda nmpak ?

Aku tgh bergamba dgn sinah ! kami comel !

Yazreen comel plus budak comel minum milo ! bertambah kecutean die ~

gamba masa kelam ! haha ! 

Depan bilik kuliah yg terletaknye Horror plus comedy cinema ~

Look ! Kami cute ~ 

Sinah and yazreen cute gilak !!! arghh melting kot ! 

Me and sinah ! kami cutey cutoy ~ hehe ~

tgok muke sinah ~ die main snow ... *tetibe snow waktu panas* hehe ! *merepek*

Muke aku Mintak penyepak ! *penyepak satu kali*

Me : Sinah ! accept la belon yg aku nak bgi kau ni !
sinah : oke ! haha !
rekaan semata mata ! haha !

end of the random photos ! 

Kelas kiteorng dpaat kumpul sikit je duit .. hurmm tapi alhamdulillah beratus jugak kiteorng dpat .. dah kire bnyak la tu ~ hehe ~ 

Look over there *british slang* she is my besties ! 

semalam aku buat 2 song request untuk die .. haha ! satu tu lagu xoxo tapi die tak dengar dj tu sebut nme die .. yg lagu kedua waktu kiteorng tengah bersantai and tetiba lagu wolf kluar and dj tu sebut nme die .. haha ! die terkejut kot ! haha ! 

Ni kawan kawan aku yg awesome ! haha ! yes they are awesome ! tu syamhana ! syamhana is back ! die sakit kaki tapi dtg jugak ! alhamdulillah die oke je !

So rasenye tu je kot ! tarak tau nak tulis ape dah ! btw semalam best ~ best giler ! enjoyable la semalam ! 

Soo ~~ may the odds be ever in your favour .. goodbye ! annyong ! assalammualaikum ~ 


Suraiya Birthday ! She is An Exotics ! weeewoo ~
Tuesday, 13 August 2013 12:48 0 Comment(s)

Assalammualaikum , Hi , Hello , Bonjour , Annyeong !

Saengil Chuka Hammida ~
Saengil Chuka Hammida ~
Sarang ha neun Suraiya ~ 
Saengil Chuka Hamnida ~ 

Happy Birthday To You ~ 
Happy Birthday To You ~
Happy Birthday To Jung Mi Young ~
Happy Birthday To You ~

Happy Birthday to my annoying besties ... she is annoying in a good ways ! not in the bad ways ~ She is a strong exotics .. and she just love exo so much .. but i cant give her an exo present.. sorry ~ i can only give her this man .....
                                                                          MAN ?

Want to see her face ? here's the picture ~ 

               The Girl that wearing the blue shawl ~ she's pre-to-the-ty right ? Yes She IS ~!

And also happy birthday to Yazreen and Sabirah ! 


i make a special sketch to you guys ! haha ! special la sangat ~ *mata ke atas , tangan di bahu *
i hope you guys will always happy and always in a good health .. insyaallah ! 
Thats all i think ~ bye ! Assalammualaikum ~


Raya ! Selamat Hari Rayaa ! \^^/
Sunday, 11 August 2013 13:02 0 Comment(s)

Assalammualaikum , Hello , Bonjour , Hi , Annyeong !

At last ! Raya !! haha ! actually im not that 'yeyeyeyeyeye' happy ... im just like 'ouh' happy .. like a nerdy -nerdo - nerdy happy . haha ! am i a stupidy -dumb- dumb ? am i calling myself stupid ? haha ! yes iam ! haha ! seriously im not that happy . i just like -_- .. when i hear the old man that confirm when is raya anounce that today raya .. i just make a face like a nerdy nerdo nerdy face like this ----> -_________-


Before me and my family go to our cousin house , we go to the masjid for sembahyang raya ! after that , we prepare the duit raya ... my mother didnt put the money in the sampul yet .. so me and my sister rush-to-the-shing-shing to put the money in the sampul .. when i see the money , fuuuuuhhh i think that i want to steal the money but all of you know that steal is a big mistake EVER ! haha ! take a look at my picture with the money !

                                        My Shawl is really cutey-cutoy-cutey .. purple - pink babeh ~ 

 This picture really make me look fat ~ the dress make me look like im fat ! what the f*ck ! haha ! #mencarutpulak

Look whos there ~ my pre-to-the-ty-ty sista ! haha ! she pretty right ? but im prettier than her ! hahaa ! 

My parents time majlis bersalam salaman .. haha ! bukan majlis ! haha ! btw my parents cutey-cutoy mehh !

                  Awesome US ! My family ! Candid TIME !! look at my father , ceria nampak ~ haha !

My Parents ! aduihhh ! roman-to-the-tic mehh ! haha ! my mom posing kot ~ haha ~ 

bak kata my cousin our family is bn family cuz we're wearing Royal Blue ~ yeahh ~ we are Royal ~ haha !

that the end of my story about the raya thingy ~ and btw my family will be doing a open house .. come to my house oke ? haha ! do you know my house ? if dont know , dont come ! haha ! *kidding*
oke bye ! i will meet u on the same date and the same time only in bla bla bla ! dah mcm program tv pulok ~ haha ! oke bye ! assalammualaikum ~